Architecture And The Art Of Agitation identity, art direction

Bram de Vos Studio website, identity

Depanneur Brus identity, art direction

Depanneur  Wines identity, art direction

Greenhouse Sessions identity, animation

Mody identity, logo

Viljandi Folk Festival identity, art direction

Survival Of The Cutest editorial, research

Rooted in re:arc insitutes base identity colours and typography, the identity for the Greenhouse Sessions was inspired by the location of the event: a repurposed greehouse. Designed to be eye-catching on social media as well as be versatile for all the required text and photo formats needed for the 2-day symposium, the identity also included a text-based exhibition and a booklet introducing re:arc institutes mission.

All copyrights belong to re:arc institute ©. Photography by Mishael Phillips and Nathalie Golde Sørensen.