My approach to design is an investigative one– embracing the complexities of our world by clarifying them into systems, and never shying away from the difficult questions. Working with identity systems, editorial design and illustration, I aim to not only value the individual stories of the project, but also to position it in a sustainable and meaningful way in the world

My approach to design is an investigative one– asking questions of how things came to be, and how we could grow from where we are now? Working most with identity systems, animation and illustration, I aim to not only create eye-catching graphics but also to educate and stimulate discussions around the visuals.

editorial, graphics, text

A graphic essay for the aesthetically interested being, this book explores what cuteness really is. From cute puppy videos to Boris Johnson, what is it that draws us towards this aesthetic, and is it really as innocent as it appears to be?
Inspried by Estonias close relation to peagan symbols and traditions, as well as the old castle grounds where the festival takes place, this idenity embraces both young and old to celebreate the rich cultural herietage of Estonian folk music.  

Additionally, the entire identiy is based on a referantial system, wherein which each symbol can be traced back to its origin, making the posters and merch almost like a mini-museum informing and educating all.

identity, website

Bram de Vos is a designer who builds bridges between industrial systems today, and the abstract ideas of the future. For this he needed an identity which reflectes his humanisticfuture-foreward yet hands on approach.

Due to his borad portfolio of systems desgins, an identity was created to reflect his intersperced body of work based on an archival system.

A website which interconnects all projects allowing for an infinate expansion to his web of work while keeping it structured.

An imagery system also creates a cohesive facade to his projects, while highlighting practical information such as geographical locations– integral to his work. 

Finally all printed matter, such as business cards, maintain the sustainale ethos of Brams work by encorporating multi-functionality such as having a ruler along the edge. 
poster, text

A map exploring what it feels like to live in a world which seems to be on fire. Built from an archive of existential memes and terminology expressing the often overwhelming feeling of existing in 2022.

Find the correlating thesis here:
Paintfully Absurd: Absurdity In Memes And The Potentials It Reveals About Our Times

illustration, animation

A digital poster with a fresh, jazzy vibe.

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