My approach to design is an investigative one– embracing the complexities of our world by clarifying them into systems, and never shying away from the difficult questions. Working with identity systems, editorial design and illustration, I aim to not only value the individual stories of the project, but also to position it in a sustainable and meaningful way in the world

My approach to design is an investigative one– asking questions of how things came to be, and how we could grow from where we are now? Working most with identity systems, animation and illustration, I aim to not only create eye-catching graphics but also to educate and stimulate discussions around the visuals.

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2021-now Freelance– Identity Branding and Graphic Design
2021-now Depanneur (DK)– Graphic Designer
2022 Chart Art Fair (DK)– Graphic Designer
2019 Slavs and Tatars (DE)– Design Intern

2021-23 The Royal Danish Academy (DK)– Masters, Communication Design
2015-21 Design Academy Eindhoven (NL)– Bachelors
2014-15 Arts University Bournemouth (UK)– Design Foundation

2021 Missed Your Call– Salone de Mobile
2021 Dutch Design Week– Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show
2018 Wanna Touch My Sensors?– STRP Biennale 

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